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About Us
First of all, thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to read a little more about us, even just grabbing your interest is something that we appreciate very much.

So, here's a bit about us and if you'd like to find out more, feel free to contact us though our contact form linked below or start a chat in our new chat box on the left.

Shylo's is an independant business based in the UK and although we're a Limited Company, there's no board of greedy business people or money-grabbing share holders that we have to keep happy. We're a small team motivated by our aim to bring high quality and affordable sex toys to the masses for the purposes of increasing sexual happiness, which we like to think increases quality of life by giving you ways to relax and feel good about yourself.

We believe that getting to know your body and how to pleasure it can help battle all sorts of negative emotions and help to clear your head when the stresses and strains of life start to become too much. Obviously, it's not the answer to every problem, but it's a great way to start, as a relaxed mind, is a clearer mind.

When it comes to money, one of the ways that we can save and pass the savings onto you is that we don't run a big warehouse. Instead, we partnered with a long established and well-respected supplier, who is also based in the UK. By doing this, we not only save money but bring you the best brands available when it comes to sex toys & accessories thanks to their invaluable business connections across the world.

As for our future plans, we have many. One is that we hope to incorporate more independent brands into our product line, such as clothing, underwear and beauty products and potentially even subscription boxes. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Just keeping checking back for regular updates via our blog & social media channels.

Oh and if you have any recommendations or ideas of your own on what you would like us to include in our product range, feel free to let us know.

Thanks again for reading and don't forget - you're amazing!
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