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MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap
MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap
MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap
MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap

MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap

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MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap


MyStim Plunging Pete EStim Corona Strap

Description & Specifications

The tip isnt the limit. Plunging Pete really takes Electric Muscle Stimulation EMS to new extremes. Merciless, the corona straps will cling to your glans, sending tingly or jabbing sensations to the silicone arch spanning the tip of your penis. Oh boy, that gets right through to your most delicate parts.
And it still gets harder, assisted by two flanking balls a 24-carat gold coated dilator will tease your glans not only from the outside but will stimulate your penis very intensely from within. The gold does not only steady the electric sensation but will focus it. To activate the poles, you will need an electrical device, like our Tension Lover, Pure Vibes or Cluster Buster
How much strain puts exactly how much pleasure to your glans? Find it out, by simply moving and fixating the golden contacts along the two slings one looped around your glans and ndash the other cocked over the tip of your penis) until you find your favourite position.
Be thankful Petes dilator has a diameter of only 4 mm 0,15 inches. That allows you to quite easily insert it into your urethra, even when you might be unskilled with that sort of thing. Due to its length of only 35 mm 1.4 inches, only the very tip of your glans will be invaded by tingle and pulsation.
Plunging Pete comes with three gold-plated balls and Plunging Pete is also made of 100 percent medical-grade platinum silicone. Thus, its not only completely hygienic but also very easy to clean. Just soap and water and regularly add a skin-friendly disinfectant or dedicated toy cleaner with antibacterial properties. As soon as Plunging Pete has dried off completely he will get down to work again.
Before Plunging Pete can get down on your glands, in his own powerful and focused way, the dilator and the balls are hand polished and accurately checked for unevenness. The corona straps come in a stylish metal casket, which already includes all suitable electric cables for the devices and the instructions. TECHNICAL DETAILS Type E-Stim corona straps Length of dilator 35 mm 1.37 inches The diameter of des dilator 4 mm 0.15 inches Made of 100 percent medical-grade platinum silicone 2 poles, bi-polar stylish metal casket Electric cables included Electric device needed Connection via 2mm socket

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
Controller : Wired
For Who : Male
Material : Silicone
Brand : MyStim
Power : Mystim Controller

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