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Choosing Your First Sex Toy - Our Recommendations

Choosing Your First Sex Toy - Our Recommendations

With an overwhelming number of different sex toys to choose from, each with their own different designs and functions, just thinking about choosing your very first sex toy can be overwhelming to say the least.

This is why we've put together a brief guide on how to choose your first sex toy and refine your search as quickly and as accurately as possible, so you're not so overwhelmed and potentially put off by the number of choices.

First off, have a think (if you haven’t already) about how far you want your sex toy to go. Do you want a toy that is designed to penetrate your vagina or would you prefer to start slow and go for one that is only designed for external stimulation of your clitoris?

If you want to start slow then we recommend going for either a Mini Vibrator or a Wand Massager. We'll explain a bit more about these below:

Mini Vibrators

Mini Vibrators or Mini Vibes (as we like to call them) are probably the most popular choice for first-timers, as they are small and discreet, yet powerful and very effective. Their small size makes them easy to hide if you need to and they make the perfect travel companion, as they can easily fit into a small pocket of your bag (you can even buy mini vibes that are designed to look like everyday items such as lipstick). But also, they are just not that intimidating, especially when compared to larger sex toys, which can just look downright scary, especially if you're new to the whole thing.

Where (On Your Body) To Use Mini Vibrators

Mini vibes are designed for external stimulation, so use them to focus on areas around your external erogenous zones (erogenous = part of the body sensitive to sexual stimulation).

Your clitoris is the obvious focus point but if you're not use to the power of the vibe, you may get over-stimulated very quickly. This is why we recommend starting in a less sensitive area and working your way up to your clit. Vibes can be used anywhere on the body, so why not start up high, maybe around your ears, neck or nipples and work your way down, testing random areas on your body as you go to get used to the vibration.

How To Operate Mini Vibrators

How to operate your Mini Vibe will depend on which one you get, as some have one vibration setting and others have multiple vibration settings and patterns.

If your vibe has one vibration setting, don’t worry, you will still be able to control the intensity by simply holding it lightly over your sensitive spots or pushing down for a more intense feeling.

If your chosen vibe has multiple vibration settings, start with the least intense and allow your body to get used to that before turning up the intensity. You may also have the option of selecting different patterns of vibration. This will be a case of just trying them out to see which one your body responds best to.

Don't Insert Mini Vibes/Bullet Vibes Into Your Body

Because of their small size, it isn't a good idea to insert Mini Vibes into your vagina (or anus), as you may not be able to hold onto them well enough and they may get 'sucked' in. This can be caused by your muscles contracting due to the stimulation of the vibrations, which can pull the Mini Vibe in. If this happens, don't panic, try to relax and ease it back out but to avoid this, we recommend keeping them solely for external stimulation.

(If you want something for internal stimulation then we recommend going for a Standard Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator or the world-famous Bunny Vibrators.)


Another popular choice for external stimulation and also great for beginners who may not want penetration from the get go are Wand Vibes, also commonly referred to as Wand Massagers.

Believe it or not, Wand Massagers were originally designed as a way to massage muscles throughout the body but because of their smooth, rounded head and intense vibration settings, they quickly became a popular choice for clitoral masturbation.

Where (On Your Body) To Use Wands

The obvious number one spot is around the vagina, especially the clitoris but be careful, as Wand Vibes can offer some of the most powerful vibrations of any sex toy, which is why it's important to start on the lowest setting and allow your body time to get used to this new kind of stimulation, so you don't get over-stimulated.

They can also be used all over the body and are ideal for massaging sessions to help your body relax and to help get you in the mood. They're great for guys too, so don't hesitate to use them on each other.

How To Operate Wands

The majority of wands have easy-to-use controls, usually in the form of simple buttons, which control the vibration speed and vibration pattern (check if your chosen wand has vibration patterns before you buy). Take your time to get use to these controls to ensure that you don't give yourself too much vibration to start with and like other vibes, start with your less sensitive areas and gradually move closer to the more sensitive areas.


You can keep your new chosen sex toy hygienically clean thanks to our selection of sex toy cleaners.


If you have any questions about choosing your first sex toy, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you get started.

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